Chrome Keeps Crashing Windows 10: 8 Effective Fixes On Your Fingertips

Google Chrome is preferable worldwide due to its performance and accuracy. However, it became famous gradually due to its speed or low response time without compromising the accuracy. Besides its incredible performance, some issues degrade its quality. Over time, the Chrome browser starts to crash automatically. You can face this annoying issue especially when you try to open multiple tabs. The Chrome stops to respond and the device also starts to lag immediately. However, we are going to talk about some of the necessary steps in this content to overcome the Chrome keeps crashing Windows 10.

Significant Causes for “Google Chrome Keeps Crashing Windows 10” Problem

There are some technical issues responsible for making the browser crash. Here, we are going to talk about the critical factors for making Google Chrome keeps crashing Windows 10.

  • System file issues sometimes prevent the Chrome browser from launching.
  • Many times, the Chrome crashing issue occurs if you use the outdated version of the Chrome browser.
  • Another issue why Chrome keeps crashing Windows 10 is recently installed apps. If those apps are not compatible with your device, then it can create this kind of error.
  • Obsolete version of the device drivers sometimes creates a barrier in launching the browser window.
  • Stored browser cache degrades the performance and is responsible for crashes.
  • Incorrect installation of Chrome browser installer can result in crashes.
  • Malware attack is harmful to the browser and responsible for corrupting the system files. This can further result in frequent crashes.

Resolve the Chrome Keeps Crashing Windows 10 Issue with Easy Troubleshooting Steps

Here, we are going to discuss some steps that can simply fix Chrome keeps crashing Windows 10 within a short period of time.

Fix 1: Run System File Checker

By running the system file checker, you can lessen the browser crashes along with some other major issues effectively. Moreover, it will help to enhance the CPU cycles as well as the device’s performance.

  1. Press the Windows key from the keyboard and locate the Command Promot option from the Start menu.
  2. After that, right-click on the Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator option from the pop-up menu.
  3. Next, enter the correct credentials and tap the Verify button to open the Command Prompt in Admin Mode.
  4. After that, type the command “sfc/scannow” in the Command Prompt window and hit the Enter key to run the command.
  5. It will take a few minutes to complete to run and identify the system file error. Moreover, it repairs the corrupted files and removes the problematic apps if necessary.
  6. Once done, try to reboot the system and double-tap on the Google Chrome icon to launch its window. Then, verify whether Chrome still crashes or not.

Fix 2: Clear the Browser Cache

You can fix this issue by deleting the recently searched items from the cache and keep your browser free from possible web threats. It also reduces the browser’s response time and upgrades its performance.

  1. Double-tap on the Chrome icon and launch the Google Chrome window.
  2. Now, click on the three-dotted icon (control and Customize button) and select More Tools from the drop-down list appeared on the screen.
  3. After that, choose Clear Browsing Data from the sub-menu.
  4. Now, you can see a list of searched items and select them one by one.
  5. Then, click on the Clear Data button and make the browser cache empty. Now, try to search anything by using of Chrome browser and verify whether the Chrome keeps crashing Windows 10 got fixed or not.

Fix 3: Remove all the Browser Extensions

By removing the unnecessary add-ons which you don’t use, you can fix the browser crashing issue immediately. So, you need to identify all the extensions that are responsible for degrading the Chrome performance and then disable them respectively.

  1. Double-click on the Chrome browser and launch the browser window on the screen.
  2. Now, tap on the Control and Customize button from the top-right corner of the browser window.
  3. After that, click on More Tools from the drop-down list and choose Extensions from the sub-menu under the Tools section.
  4. You can see multiple extensions which are installed for your browser. Here, you can see their status, as in whether they are enabled or not. If the add-ons are turned on, then move the slider and disable them respectively.
  5. Finally, close the window and exit from the browser to verify whether the Chrome crashes issue still appears or not.

Fix 4: Run a Virus Scan

To eliminate the malware from your device, you can resolve the browser performance related issues. Moreover, it increases the system longevity by protecting the device from the critical web-threats.

  1. First, download the antivirus software from a trustworthy website and save the security software downloaded file on the desktop.
  2. After that, install it by running the installation file from that downloaded older.
  3. Next, launch the antivirus window by double-tapping on its icon.
  4. Now, click on Scan tab or tap on Scan for viruses option and choose Scan Type from the next window.
  5. Choose either QuickScan or Full Scan as per your convenience and confirm the scanning process by tapping on the Start button.
  6. It will take a few minutes to complete the scanning process and identifies the virus infected files.
  7. Then, click on the Disinfect button and remove the malware from your devices.
  8. Once done, try to restart the System and open the browser to verify whether the Google Chrome keeps crashing Windows 10 still persists or not.

Fix 5: Reinstall the Google Chrome

If you see that Googe Chrome is not installed properly, then uninstall it first. Then, install it again. Make sure that the version is compatible with the System OS.

  1. First, type “control” in the search box and hit the Enter key to launch the Control Panel window.
  2. Now, click on the Programs and Features from the Control Panel window and select Uninstall a Program option under it.
  3. In this window, you can see a list of applications that are installed in your device. Select Google Chrome and its associated files from that list.
  4. Tap on Uninstall tab and start the process by confirming it from the confirmation dialog box.
  5. It will start to run automatically and remove the Chrome installer from your device successfully.
  6. Then, open another browser and download Chrome. Now, install and open the browser with multiple tabs for checking whether the same issue still persists or not.

Fix 6:  Upgrade the Available Drivers

First, you need to identify the outdated drivers that affect the browser’s performance and then upgrade them accordingly.

  1. Type “devicemgmt.msc” in the Cortana search box and hit the Enter key to launch the Device Manager window.
  2. Now, verify whether all the drivers are upgraded or not. If any yellow icon you can see beside the drivers, then expand them one after another.
  3. Choose the drivers along with the model name and right-click on them. Select Update Driver from the pop-up menu appeared on the screen.
  4. The processing time is dependent on the number of available drivers and after finishing the upgrade process, open the Browser window and resolve the Chrome keeps crashing Windows 10 2018 issue effectively.

Fix 7: Remove Problematic Apps and Incompatible Programs

Locate the problematic apps and recently launched programs from your device and remove them accordingly. Moreover, you must remove the incompatible applications from your device and resolve the Google Chrome keeps crashing Windows 10 error instantly.

  1. Type “chrome://conflicts” in the Chrome address bar and click on the Search button or hit the Enter key from the keyboard.
  2. Now, go to the Google Chrome Settings window and click on the Advanced tab from the same page.
  3. After that, click on Update or Remove all the problematic applications under the Reset and Clean Up section.
  4. Next, locate those apps which prevent Chrome, then click Remove button.
  5. Finally, restart the Google Chrome and check whether Chrome still crashes or not.

Fix 8: Switch to a New Profile

It is one of the alternative methods that you can use if the above methods fail to fix the Chrome crash issue. This easy process can resolve his problem without any hassle.

  1. Click on the Control and Customize button from the top-right corner of the Chrome window and go to the Settings option from the drop-down list.
  2. Now, go to the People section and click on the Manage Other People option.
  3. After that, tap on Add a Person from the bottom-right section of the window.
  4. Next, give a name to the new User Profile and click the Add button.
  5. Finally, restart the Chrome and use Chrome with the new user profile.

Summing it up

In this article, we have defined the effective methods to overcome the “Chrome keeps crashing Windows 10” issue. Moreover, we have tried to analyze the significant errors that are responsible for creating this annoying issue. So, we hope this content will be helpful for you to avoid Chrome related issues very easily.

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